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The Importance of the Truth

Posted by Xyhthisdi1987 - January 22nd, 2018

This is going to be absolutely huge to some of you. I want to make an apology to everyone who has ever been on this site and listened to both mine and AlphaStorm73's music. The reason I bring both up is that, him and I are the same person. Everything on that page was a lie. Lying is the worst thing I've done, especially when it has affected people as harshly as it has in that scenario. My biggest apologies go out to @instaskillz, @DJ-Frosted, and @TomFulp. All of these people believed what I had said (Unless Tom Fulp didn't in which case, I'm sorry for putting you under that spotlight). However, it was Waterflame who got me to give you all this apology. The entire story is a really long one, and I wish I could save it for another time, but I want to get everything off of my chest right here and now.

July 1st, 2016: I start making music. That was the day things started to become harder. A month later, I made this account on NewGrounds. This was my first actual account I made on NewGrounds. However because of how popular my other account was getting, I decided to stay over there. My other account was named from my FaceBook page (Zachary Young). My persona over there was actually a fake version of me who has been creeping his way into my normal life. This persons name: Jack Smith. Yes, on the other account, I had a friend who died and was under the same name, but the truth is, that song was illuding to this moment here. I am not 28, obviously. I'm not who I said I was, and nothing of what happened over there was true. None of the storys I told were true. I never had a friend named Jake who died. My current real life friend Jake is still very much alive and well. The only part that was legit was the music. That stuff was all real. I made all of it from scratch.

As a final word, I want to say again: I'm sorry. I was foolish. The only reason I spoke up about this was because of a response to a post I made on WaterFlame's FaceBook page. It was very strongly worded (Not like swear words, just sincere), and I realised that you all deserve an apology. I had quit that fake life, but I don't suspect my reputation to remain in tact. In fact, I don't expect to gain any more popularity after this. Hell, I don't want to. Everyone's opinion of me has obviously dropped dramatically, and I want to say I'm sorry. 'Memories Shall Remain' is going to be deleted because of the fact that it suggests this fake persona who actually didn't die. I spent so long under that persona that, if I changed the details now, I would have received heavy backlash. But, had I not done this, it would have been accepted quicker, and I wouldn't have to deal with the shame.

I don't want to see people sending me support. After what I did, I don't deserve support. I also don't want to be shrouded in sympathy, because I don't deserve it. But, what I would like to see is civility. Say harsh things to me, I deserve them, but try to be civil. I just don't want to be shamed off of this website, because I love it.

Anyway, I'm sorry. I should have told you this a long time ago, and I regret everything I did.

Zach (Xythisdi)

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I at least prayed for the repose of the soul of the right person, I keep Jack in my prayers, and his family as well.

Anyway, I still have some questions that are eating away at me.

Firstly, if your life was so fake as you saw it, why did you even make music from scratch? That much could be real and still be redeemed if you want it to be, but of course you'd have to face the consequences first.

Secondly, what motivated you to do this in the first place? We have a real cancer sufferer here who is fighting and still makes music. My fiancé lost his mother to cancer last March. There are many of us still hurting from it. What, then, could have possibly motivated you to lie about your identity AND the cancer, Zach?

A 1) I made music from scratch because I love doing it. If I were truly not feeling happy about the way my life over there was going, I wouldn't have made the stuff from scratch. You are absolutely right, I could redeem myself from that, but have to face the consequences. Something I'm absolutely okay with doing.

A 2) If truth is being told, I don't know what the motivation was for me to do this. I absolutely regret this. Cancer is not something to joke about, but it was the only way I saw for me to get out of the scenario I was in, even though it would have been easier if I hadn't done it in the first place. I don't deny that my life is boring and I just wanted something interesting to happen, and that is the worst possible motive.

Again, you are absolutely right. I read both of your posts, and I took what you said and thought about it. Yes, it does sting if I was added to the memoriam page, especially as they now have to take that off. I have realized that this is the worst possible mistake I could have made, and I have learned from this. I make a vow here and now to tell the truth to all of NewGrounds. You and everyone else can hold me to that promise.

Thanks for the response and civility.

Also, NG Wiki may have very well had a mention of AlphaStorm73 on its In Memoriam page, which stings considering what you have done. If it is true.

Hey, you know who it is. I forgive you and hope we can still be friends.

The truth is, I faked my death in the GD community, so I can't be that mad lol

Okay. That's actually great to know. Anyway. We can continue being friends, easily. Thanks for the forgiveness.

I'm so confused, but honestly, no one deserves to be shamed off of here. Not even you.
I continue to pray for you, Zach.

Ok, I'll take your word. I do honestly think I deserve the shame, even if I don't want it.


Why? Cancer isn't something to joke about. Skye, if you know him, has survived gastric cancer. Maybe you should ask him how it was like to go through such pain that he had to endure for months. He is happy and well now, but I'm glad you brought up the truth, lies can hurt people. You want something interesting in life? It's not going to come to you, you have to do something interesting. Have a family trip one day, go do something fun. Good things come to those who wait :)


Yes. You are right. Cancer is not something to joke about. I don't deny that I was incredibly stupid and naive. I only brought up the Truth because of waterflames response (he's asked to stay out so a brief mention here). I've taken your advice. I know that if I wanted something interesting to happen, I have to actually make it happen, and that's why I regret this.

Cancer? Yeah, that wasn't fun :/

It was a painful long 6 months, but I'm glad it's all over. My pain was unbearable during those times, sometimes it left me crying in agony. It felt like someone was punching my stomach constantly. I was screaming, wanting to die, I just couldn't take the pain anymore. But I fought back and had survived one of the rarest forms of cancer. It took a lot of chemotherapy and operations, I'm well and I'm able to support my own weight again. During those times, I lost so much weight that I became weak and unable to hold myself up. As I said, I'm really glad it's all over.

I hope you learned your lesson man, take it from me. I hope you will never have to experience what I went through. Take care man


Ooh, trust me I learned. I know that it's not something to joke about, but if truth is being told, I forgot that you were going through this. I do absolutely regret this, and I wish you a healthy and long life.